Blueberry Chia Seed Jam

Easy, four ingredient blueberry chia seed jam that comes together in 15 minutes. No added sugar!

Blueberry Chia Seed Jam |

Not to be a downer on your Monday morning, but let’s talk about something semi-distressing in the kitchen – forgetting about something perishable in your fridge. Grocery shopping over the past few weeks here in Nashville has been an adventure thanks to Mother Nature. It took a few trips of musing to Brian that the bread/milk/produce situation looked a little grim and WHY oh why were the check-out lines so crazy to figure out it was all due to the forecast for a few days of icy weather. Well, duh!

I guess a few years of living in San Diego has made my memory foggy.

Anyway, the produce on my grocery list promptly went out the window and I improvised and bought blueberries, which were off-list, but on sale and actually looking fresh. Then I brought them home and forgot about them in the fridge for…awhile.

So when they surfaced looking a little wilty later on, I knew exactly what was in store for them. Jam!

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