Muffin Chips with Peanut Butter & Honey Cream Cheese

Dinner gets the fair share of the appetizer glory – who’s to say brunch can’t join in on the fun? Or breakfast for that matter. These little muffin bites are a sweet and new way to munch on muffins, cream cheese, and fruit for your A.M. meal. Crisp muffin chips are slathered with peanut butter & honey cream cheese, then topped with fresh strawberry slices. Little beauties ready to glam up your breakfast table or passed appetizer serving tray, even if you’re feeling rather un-glam in your PJs and sporting wild hair precariously contained in a bun on the top of your head (or is that just me?) Oh, and can passed apps at breakfast please become a thing?

Muffin Chips with Peanut Butter Honey Cream Cheese | My Sequined Life

Zzzz…oh, sorry. Must have still been dreaming there. I’m pretty sure the sweet soul who would bring around passed apps for breakfast around here would be the unlucky recipient of shin splits from all the coffee refill trips.

So, let’s talk about these muffin chips.

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Quick Onion Crescent Rolls

One of the things I love the most about having ventured into the world of blogging is getting the opportunity to interact with so many people from all over. More than a few times I’ll be telling B about a fab cookie recipe that “so-and-so” made, and he’ll think I’m talking about someone we know in real life. Ehhrmmm, actually they’re a blogger, we don’t really know them, but that’s totally okay because they’re the reason we have cookies baking in the oven at this moment. A win-win for us all.

I’m also truly amazed at how many countries pop up on my stats page. The fact that someone halfway around the world is reading about the hot chocolate I drank in December completely blows my mind.

What else blows my mind? That rainbow cookies seem to fly seriously under the radar outside of the NYC-metro area! Or that’s my working theory, anyway. Growing up in NJ, rainbow cookies were a fixture in every bakery I visited. Even the supermarkets carried them! Looking back I assumed everyone tucked into one or five of them on holidays or occasions, but I realize now that’s not the case in the slightest. I even tested my theory here in California with some coworkers, and the evidence supports my hypothesis. One mention of rainbow cookies and they looked at me like I had three heads.

Geez! Anyway, I’m glad to have introduced some of you to my absolute favorite cookie. In the spirit of “favorites”, I have a few many more from the bakery department. Next up – onion rolls. Or at least a super quick, impossibly simple version of them.

Super Quick Onion Crescent Rolls | My Sequined Life

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Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Rainbow Cookies

Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I’m a rainbow cookie addict. Hands down these have been my favorite cookie since as far back as I can remember. For a few consecutive birthdays when I was younger, I would have a giant rainbow cookie as my cake. This always seemed like a humongous feat for a bakery to accomplish. “Wow, a WHOLE cake!”, but looking back now, it probably saved them a step or two as they made their standard rainbow cookie recipe but didn’t have to slice ‘em up. Either way, I relished the opportunity to savor as much of my favorite cookie as I could.

Which even meant eating a slice for breakfast the next morning, because you’re allowed to do that on the day after your birthday, right? Yes. And I think the same goes for Easter, but don’t quote me on that.

Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Rainbow Cookies | My Sequined Life

Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Rainbow Cookies | My Sequined Life

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Baked Maryland-Style Fries

I’m from New Jersey, B’s from Maryland, we went to college in Pennsylvania, and we live in California (for now, anyway). You all already know about the foods I miss from home (bagels, sigh…<3), but B dreams at night about steamed crabs, crab cakes, cream of crab soup, and Old Bay. All the Old Bay. On everything, all the time.

The first time I visited B at home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, dinner consisted of a bucket of steamed crabs, mallets, and knives, all set over a newspaper-clad table. Now the combination of never having picked a crab before, being seated among pros, and wanting to make a good impression meant that the pressure was on. I may have used one thousand napkins, but I picked with all my might and took in valuable lessons along the way (don’t eat the mustard!). I must have passed the test, because we’re coming up on a full five years (!!) since that dinner. Does time fly or what? Eeesh.

As far as recreating Maryland classics out here in California, occasionally we’ll splurge and track down fresh lump crab meat, but Old Bay is hands down the quickest way for B’s taste buds to reminisce. These fries (some are more “potato wedge” than “fry”) are baked yet crisp, due in part to a few special steps that really make a big difference to the finished product. They also have a slight zing from being tossed in Old Bay that may or may not be addictive, and that’s coming from a Jersey girl (that phrase…cringe).

Baked Maryland-Style Fries | My Sequined Life

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